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Rules, Regulations, and SOP's Everyone Read The Topics In This Forum!! The rules and guidelines for the board, Please familiarize yourself with them.

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Old 12-06-2006, 19:30
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Default All Guests And New Members Read!

First of all on behalf of the members here at Echo LRP-Charlie - WELCOME ABOARD!
If you are reading this you have at least a small sense of attention to detail and following directions since you are here to make sure you don't step in the bucket right out of the gate. What follows below are the golden rules here at Echo LRP-Charlie If you follow them you will be good to go.....BTW, WE ARE NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, so if you are easily offended..Don't take it as personal. If for some unknown reason you decide to support liberals, Jane Fonda, and protesters against the GWOT and not support our troops, Please take it personal and clear this AO as fast as you can, before we clear you of it. If you do support these people...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF..WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE DRIVEL. THIS IS NOT A DEMORACY..WANT TO PLAY IN OUR HOUSE..PLAY BY OUR RULES OR GO HOME.

Making your FIRST post:
You need to show common courtesy to those already on the site and introduce yourself to the rest of us. Your first post should go in the appropriate Introduction forum and what is below is simply a vague template to follow. Your introduction should be similar in format to this but should be your own:

Hi, I'm [insert name] and I am a high speed Paratrooper and stumbled upon this place. I served from [insert dates here] with the [insert units here]. I [was/was not] on jump status.

If you are not a LRP/Ranger or Special OPS, that's OK. Although this is a site BY LRP/Rangers of the Vietnam War and FOR LRP/Rangers of the Vietnam War, we welcome everybody. If you are a civvy or Veteran of any Branch, just let us know your interest in our site in your intro.

If you have signed a contract and are a DEP, let us know that in your intro.

There are 3 separate introduction forums to for our different members - one for LRP/Rangers, Special OPS, and Paratroopers, one for non Paratroopers and Veterans, and one for civilians. Ensure you post your introduction in the proper one.

Let's go ahead and get this one out of the way. There is a ZERO tolerance policy in place regarding posers here at Echo LRP-Charlie Rangers .org. To put it plainly, we f'in hate posers and you WILL be banned once you are discovered! This community is rather small and we have working relationships with sister sites that contain those in positions to easily verify your credentials (or lack thereof) very quickly so don't waste our time. This includes those that embellish their military resume and other aspects of service as well as those that purposely use avatars/usernames to imply an accomplishment that they have not earned. (this is explained in greater detail below)
You should be proud enough of what you have accomplished from the cooks to the Special Operators, you have made sacrifices that most Americans have not done.

With all the posers and liars running around these days, we may require verification of military service of our members here to ensure the integrity of this site. I'm sure you can understand why this is an unfortunate but necessary step that we require here. There is no disrespect intended, everyone has to go through it. Your user title will be upgraded and private user group membership added after verification is complete.

User names:
If you are not yet a Paratrooper, DO NOT include "Airborne", "Paratrooper", etc. in your user name. This is extended to any other name that would mislead others that you have earned something you have not. If you fail to follow these guidelines, you will be asked ONE time to fix it. Failure to do so will result in a suspension/ban and only when you contact an Admin will this possibly be lifted.
*NOTE* This also applies to those of you that have enlisted in the military but have not yet graduated the school, attained the rank, etc.

If you are a parent or spouse of a service member, feel free to use Airborne Dad, Airborne Mom, Ranger Dad, Ranger Mom, etc. if you wish. We realize that as parents of these troops that you have made sacrifices as well.

User Titles:
On the boards, you will see a title beneath a member's user name. Those are user titles that are assigned to them. Until you have been verified, your title will remain as "In processing". After your verification, your title will be upgraded and you will have all privileges that accompany your title. What follows are the common titles and what it takes to rate them. If you wish to have a different title than what you are assigned, please feel free to get a hold of one of the Admins and let us know what you want and we'll change it for you. Also, if there is an error with your title, let us know so we can correct it.

Title Requirements

Airborne Qualified Graduated the BAC
Paratrooper Graduated the BAC and performed an Airborne operation while assigned to a unit on jump status.
[insert branch] Veteran Served honorably in your branch of service
Civilian No military service
DEP Signed a contract to serve in the military but have not completed training
HH6 The wife of a service member, active or separated
RANGER Graduate of U.S. Army Ranger School or Served with a LRP/Ranger Unit in Vietnam between 1967-1971.
SPECIAL OPS Qualified/Verified Member of a Special Operations Unit, Marine Force Recon, Navy Seals, U.S. Army Special Forces or Air Force Combat Control Team or USAFTACP

Everyone on the site needs to have an avatar. You should take pride in your posts here, so why not spruce up the place a bit. You can choose whatever avatar you wish as long as it does not conflict with the forum rules. If you are not a Ranger, Spec Ops, Paratrooper, etc. then DO NOT choose an avatar that would lead someone to believe that you are. You may also upload your own avatar if you wish. Please do not "hotlink" your avatar from another website without permission. It is rude and eats up their bandwidth. Instead, find the graphic, right click and "Save As". Then upload it here. If there is an avatar you would like to have that is not listed or you cannot find, let one of us know and we will try to get it for you at our earliest convenience. If you fail to choose an avatar, we will take this to mean that you do not care what it is and the Admins will pick one out for you. (I wouldn't suggest that) If you have trouble viewing the avatar gallery, let us know what you would like and we will hook you up.

Do not use music, movie clips, extremely large graphics, pop-ups, or java scripts in your signatures. You may include a link to your personal homepage or website in your signature as long as it is not a money-making site. Posting hotlinks to competitive websites or those that are similar in content in your signature is prohibited without permission from the Webmaster. For further clarification, contact Preacher.

You need to take the time and make sure that your profile is filled out a bit. This is not only so that other members can get to know you, but often times the new members that show up here look through people's profiles to see what this site is made up of. There has been more than one instance of old buddies hooking back up again because of what was entered in the profile, so take the time and do it!

Posting pornographic material is strictly prohibited in open forums. Posting of pornographic material or weblinks to pornographic material within secure forums MUST have a warning tag in the topic subject for those that may be viewing at work. If you are unclear about which forums are secure, you probably don't need to worry about it because you don't have access to any of them.

Do not violate the operational security of those who are currently or may in the future be deployed for combat operations. If you think something you want to post may possibly violate OPSEC then DO NOT post it before getting approval from an Administrator or Moderator. If you find questionable content in violation of this OPSEC policy, please inform a Moderator or Admin immediately.

Do not post names, phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., of others without their permission. Do not post last names of anyone that is or may be on any type of active status.

Proper Topic Names and Content:
When creating a new topic on this board, please put the actual subject matter in the subject line when creating it. Let's be honest, when there is a cryptic title, as human beings we all will click on it just to see what's going on in that thread. When you put things like "A Quick question", or "I was wondering" as your title, you are basically making everyone click on your topic just to see if they are:
A) interested in your topic
B) Know anything about your topic
C) qualified and/or wish to participate in your topic.
Forcing those of us who do not wish to view your topic may result in "negative responses" in your thread.

Spamming is posting repetitive messages advertising a product, website, etc. This is strictly forbidden. Please refer to the signature guidelines for more details on posting links.

Also, don't post BULLSHIT in the forums. When replying, stick to the thread topic. Off topic posts may be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted. If you act like a troll, you will be treated like a troll. Don't let this happen to you.

Site Management (aka Chain of Command)
There is a definitive command structure here. At the top is the Administrator, denoted by the user name "Admin". He is the HMFIC (if you don't know what that means, beat your face). Below him is the Junior Admin. You can identify the Junior Admin by the "Junior Admin" tag under the user name. The Junior Admin is in charge of the group of folks that manage the day to day operations of the site. This group of people is the Moderator team and can be recognized by the blue "Moderator" tags under their user names. Consider anything that is said by any of the above people as law. If they tell you to do something, you should comply immediately. If you have a disagreement or other issue that needs to be resolved, they will be happy to discuss the issue with you via PM. If you have an issue with a Moderator, or if the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily through the Moderators, contact an Administrator.

Rules Violations:
Please report any violations of these rules to a Moderator or Administrator. You will remain anonymous while any issues are resolved if so desired. This does NOT mean to come crying to us if somebody hurt your feelings by calling you names. Whining has a very short effective range around here.

Now don't be afraid, come on in and join the fun! Airborne Ranger All the Way! HOOAH!
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