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Announcments This is where important information will be posted.

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Old 10-27-2017, 13:37
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Default Ranger Legacy Walk

I'm posting this e-mail that I received from Rick Barela, Pres. 75th Ranger Regiment Assn. (509) 440 1126. This walkway looks like it is in the works.. I wanted you to have the info - maybe some of you have contacts or contacts of contacts that can help out with this project. The walkway would be located at Ft. Benning within the 75th Ranger Regiment Compound. I kind of like the idea. Joe H.

You have heard me talk about the Ranger Legacy Walkway, a planned*historical walkway (See attached letter). *This is starting to move*forward and I have been working with Ms. Shelia Dudley who*has been instrumental in supporting the Ranger family while serving at 1st Bn for over 30 years and now as a advocate for all rangers.*
I am also cc'ing the president of USARA and WAR on this email along with Jonnie Clasen from Merrill's Marauders as they are instrumental in ranger history and would like them to be part of this effort as this does involve them in the historical process.* As of right now we have a donation coming in from Mr.*Mark Cuban coming in. *We have*talked to them and they are happy with us being a 501c19 military*organization in supporting our cause for developing this proposal.**
The plan is to have a living history walkway which tells the story of the Rangers past and present. Commencing with the Ranger Battalions and Merrill’s Marauders from World War II, it takes us through the Airborne Ranger Companies of the Korean Conflict to that of the Long-Range Patrol (LRP) and Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) detachments. The journey will highlight establishment of the Ranger Companies in Viet Nam to that of the present-day Ranger and the Global War on Terror (GWOT).
Our history over the last 75 years is rich in service and sacrifice with great moments that have brought the Rangers to the forefront in military operations:
Formation of the Ranger Battalions and their accomplishments during WWII in North Africa, Italy, and in the pacific theater of operations
6th Ranger Battalion conducting the successful prisoner raid at Cabanatuan POW Camp
Lineage with the famed 5307th Regimental Combat Unit (Provisional) better known as Merrill’s Marauders and what they accomplished in the China-Burma-India Theater
Airborne Ranger Companies of the Korean Conflict
Long-Range Patrol (LRP) and Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) detachments and establishment of the Ranger Companies in Viet Nam
Ranger Battalions and active Ranger Regiment

We would be*the lead organization in this effort and would make this a*great historical event by bringing the history of the modern ranger from*1942 forward. *We are*currently in the conceptual design and*fund raising phase right now. *We are fortunate to have recently retained, on a pro bono basis, the landscape design architect from the Memorial. We have spoken to and gotten some basic information from a*top design team from the Savannah College of Art and Design. *They are currently working together on the site plan. *We have*reached out to some*major*companies, i.e. LM, Boeing,*SAIC, L3*Communications and also to Mr. Mark Cuban.*As of this date we have received a notice from Mr. Cuban Executive Assistant and he*is*planning a making a donation to our cause.**I am sure he is inundated with requests, but we would welcome his full involvement.***
As the*President,*of the 75th Ranger Regiment Association I have been working with Ms. Shelia Dudley*in trying to build his*memorial.* As we are a*tax exempt 501( c )19 organization dedicated to the welfare of the men and Families of the 75th Ranger Regiment.**I have requested from the Secretary our*IRS “Letter of Determination” for*filing for anyone who is willing to donate.* We will need to establish a *payee information in the next couple of weeks*for any donations that we do receive.*
Ten years ago, 1st Bn with the assistance of Ms. Dudley built a beautiful Memorial for the Army Rangers located*in Savannah, Georgia – 24 names have been added since 911. *Based on the costs associated with the construction of that Memorial, we am estimating we will need to raise $1,000,000.**If anyone is interested in contacting any companies who you* think can assist in the development of the project.
Any questions please give me a ring.* There will be more information to follow.
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