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It is always my extreme honor and pleasure to attend another PGR event. Most of the times it is a sombering time and sometimes it causes me greif. However I look at it as psychotherapy in dealing with my own PTSD. Unfortunately, I can't do the grave side attendances. I still have not worked that into my psychological rucksack.

Here are a couple of attached photos from some of the bikes that showed up before the flag line was in place. I am glad that I took these when I did, as later there was very few parking spaces left, with the over 3000 attendees to the funeral. First was a Catholic Mass and then there was a Military representation.

As Shep stated, this was small town Cheboyagan, MI and there were people that lined the streets to show their support for the family and their condolences for the loss of a good man. Even on the back roads to the cemetary, every house had someone standing outside with either a flag, or their hand over their heart. There were even little children with heads bowed. Everyone showed nothing but respect, no cheering, just solomn faces. There was a couple of times that I was getting misty eyed in the procession, and I am trying to hold up that 900# bike at less than 5 MPH at times. It was a tough day, but Airborne brothers do what has to be done.

Fortunately, PGR does more than just funerals. Missions for Welcome Home are also in order at times. That was so on Sunday morning at 08:00 hrs when there were 10 riders that went to the house of LT Shull in Canton, MI., less than an hour after he landed at Metro Airport. LT Shull is a JAG officer returning from the big sandbox. He has two brothers that are currently in the Marines. Not only that, their father was a Vietnam Veteran as a helicopter pilot.

These welcome home events are the ones that really help me with my traumas. Sometimes I even feel guilty that it is helping me, but if I can't take care of myself, I surly can't take care of my brothers.
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